Due to the multitude of trades, the large number of project participants and the associated challenges in planning and communication, the risk of building projects, against the background of high demands on quality and adherence to deadlines, has grown massively.

As the best method to improve the efficiency of construction projects, to guarantee the construction accompanying quality assurance and at the same time to reduce costs, digitisation has emerged, and particularly in this contextit it is digitisation with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

By creating precise and reliable 3D measurement data of the construction progress on the construction site in combination with the comparison of the data with the contracted 3D models, DUCTIM-X helps you to recognize looming costs caused by deviations immediately. The creation of BIM models (of course in IFC format and compatible with Revit ® from Autodesk ®) is also part of our portfolio.

We use unique mobile 3D scanners and associated software on the basis of a patented algorithm. The hereby captured data delivers precise digital inventories of existing buildings and provides the documentation of the building progress as also monitores the material consumption for the building constructions.

This significantly reduces your costs for quantity surveying, for 3D construction of existing buildings or for any changes on the building site. Thanks to the networking of all actors involved in the planning process, changes can be made in the model and immediately seen by all. Cost-and time-consuming modifications on the construction site are no longer necessary. Last but not least, working with the created data simplifies service, maintenance and disposal through the entire life cycle of buildings.

Never before you have been able to meet the increased expectations of builders and investors in such a durable and reliable way!


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