With terrestrial 3D laser scanning, we provide an efficient way to industrial buildings or production halls, piping systems, other peripheral equipment and machinery to measure those quickly and inexpensively with incredible precision in a very short time. Objective: to provide you with an accurate digital 3D image of the scanned object. The collected data will be provided or evaluated as so-called point cloud.


Get ready for the revolution! Mobile 3D laser scanning and the combination with static scanning open up all possibilities in digital factory 4.0. Use the extremely efficient mobile scanning and save up to 50% measurement time. For highly precise requirements, the static scanner supports with extremely accurate measurements. We are working on 3D Mobile Mapping with state-of-the-art mobile 3D laser scanners - GEXCEL's revolutionary Heron® and JRC 3D Reconstructor and EdgeWise® Software Solutions.

Combined with the patented software, we provide a fast, low-cost, and accurate digital inventory of existing machine and plant installations or progress documentation in buildings under construction.

The creation of accurate and reliable 3D measurement data of the construction progress and the parallel comparison of the data with the BIM models significantly reduces costs of alteration on the construction site.


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