September 10, 2018
October 2, 2018

In the age of digital processes and manufacturing methods, manufacturing a component without digital data is an unfamiliar challenge! Often, we were approached by customers asking whether we could help with our 3D laser scanners to provide the data needed for reverse engineering – and in the past we have always had to decline regretfully!
This has come to an end since the beginning of October!
We are pleased to have found an extremely competent partner for Reverse Engineering with Mues Products & Molds. With more than 50 years of mold design experience and more than 25 years experience in injection molding plastic parts for the automotive, medical and electronics industries, Mues Products & Molds is perfectly positioned to do the reverse engineering especially of plastic parts professionally.
With the high-precision 3D coordinate measuring machine from Wenzel, components with dimensions of max. 1000x1600x800 (lxwxh) mm, a maximum weight of 2,500 kg can be measured with an accuracy of impressive 2.5 microns! Of course, the machine is set up in an air-conditioned room including a temperature record and is subject to an annually certification, so that the measuring results of the machine is absolutely reliable.
We look forward working with the team of Mues Products & Molds andsupporting our customers with this service!